To Our Community

By Playa Team

This is a crazy time for all of us, and we stand in solidarity with those affected by COVID-19—the countless families, caregivers, medical professionals, small businesses, restaurant workers, artists, freelancers, and so many more.

While it's important that we all stay inside, stay calm, and stay connected (while social distancing) during this time, please remember that there are a few critical ways to help each other:

1. You can donate to Feeding America or local food banks, as they assemble and deliver food to families across our nation.
Donate to Feeding America

2. You can donate blood, as the American Red Cross is urgently in need of donations; if you're healthy, please consider making an appointment by.
Click here to make an appointment

3. You can support small and local businesses in a variety of ways—many will already have some suggested ways on their social media accounts. Here's a helpful guide to get you started.

Stay safe, stay inside! Sending lots of love to you and yours.

-Team Playa