The New Normal: Tara Sowlaty

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By Playa Team

We're asking the Playa community to share their "new normal" given the current international climate. LA-based Tara Sowlaty (Instagram) is the co-founder of wellness blog How You Glow. Here's what she's cooking, watching, and indulging in this week:

Eat: The New Normal for me means that I’m cooking all day, everyday. That means nourishing meals with as little of ingredients as possible as to be mindful of the fact that I can’t go to the grocery store whenever I want! I have a ton of frozen proteins in the fridge, greens, rice, pastas, beans, herbs, and vegetables, and just trying to stay simple and creative.

Drink: Healing tonics, turmeric bone broth, warm water with lemon, tea with oat milk, and WINE.

Self-Care: Simple, clean, and hydrating. I’m looking for my haircare to be nourishing (like Playa's Supernatural Conditioner), and my skincare to be hydrating. I haven’t worn makeup in weeks.

Wellness: This experience for me has been soaked in wellness. I’ve been sleeping well, spending quality time with my husband and dog, moving my body — I put my yoga mat out in my living room and move throughout the day — cooking for my family and eating well, organizing, indulging in yummy foods, staying hydrated, reading, listening to music, catching up on tv, meditating, and doing art.

Movie: The Big Lebowski

TV Show: The Daily

Read: Becoming Supernatural

Smile: my various group chats, they have been keeping me sane.

Indulgence: I’ve been ending everyday with something sweet, as I normally do. Things like my homemade lemon turmeric loaf, peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread, cocojune yoghurt, Erewhon cookies, or Moon Juice chocolate cookie dough.

Sanity: Cooking, moving my body, and my husband he’s definitely keeping me sane.

Family: I’m on a group chat with my family and we text all day and FaceTime a ton.

Inspiration: I’m honestly inspired by our global humanity. We are all being brought to our knees in a sense, and really forced to slow down, and I think there is a silver lining in all of this. Mother nature has literally forced us to take a beat and reassess and reevaluate. It’s scary, but we should try to see it as a chance to reset and move on forward even stronger.

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