New Normal: Chelsea Van Houten Neff

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By Playa Team

We're asking the Playa community to share their "new normal" given the current international climate. Today, NYC-based florist Chelsea Van Houten Neff (@cvhneff) shares her new wellness and self-care routines—and how she's used this time to give back.

Self-Care: We’ve been staying at my parents' house in the suburbs. I brought along my Haldi skincare routine and Playa daily products and weekly treatments. Continuing my norm with some extra hair and face masking when my son Jones naps!

Wellness: My husband Ty, Jones, and I have set a goal to leave the house for a long family run outside by 9am everyday. Been sticking to that - as well as taking my brother's boxing class most mornings. Tip: my friend Greta is a comedian and her insta has been going live a few days a week for a “matcha dance live” and the laughter and dancing that comes with tuning in has been really good for my soul.

Give Back: I've been custom tie-dying batches of onesies, kids tees, and adult tees to sell through Instagram, and donating 30% of sales to the tender foundation to help single mothers directly impacted by COVID-19.

Movie: Little Women! The new one. I watched it two times and cried so hard both times.

TV Show: Seinfeld because my husband's obsessed.

Read: Love Does by Bob Godd

Eat: Eating super clean plant-based meals with the (often) snack.

Drink: Am i being honest on here? Wine by 4pm most days. sipping water all day long - shout out to to my 20 oz hydro flask. Hot chamomile CBD tea with honey every. single. night. Tea is by Good Company Tea, it's incredible.

Smile: @gertiebird's insta matcha live and her instagram in general. whenever i’m in a funk i watch her videos - laughter is so good in times like these. 

Indulgence: Salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate are always my weakness.

Sanity: Working out, continuing to eat clean, wine and chocolate. laughing and dancing with my crazy family.

Family: We came out to my parents in the beginning as living in Hoboken felt pretty lonely and our apartment is so tiny! Being outdoors and in a bigger space has been so great for Jones. I’m grateful for family close by.

Inspiration: Dreaming up what this summer holds.

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