Make Your Own Waves: Elisa Marshall, Maman

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By Playa Team

Once solely the proprietor of our favorite café in New York City, Elisa Marshall (_byelisa_) founder of Maman, is quietly building an empire of her just-so French bakeries, coffee shops, and all-day restaurants. Besides having incredible curls, Elisa—who swears by our California Salt Shampoo—shares our love of classic style (in her case, French country blues-and-whites), effortless design touches, and flowers everywhere. 

This week, she's popping up two new locations on the Upper East Side and Cobble Hill in time for Mother's Day—to celebrate, we asked her to answer our Make Your Own Waves questionnaire:

Passion: Creativity 

Roots: Toronto, Canada 

Hero: My maman, Janice! 

Inspiration: My son, Yves

Playlist: Taylor Swift's Folklore 

Challenge: Juggling family time & work 

Advice: Say more YES 

Ritual: 16oz americano with a splash of milk 

Comfort: My puppy 

Indulgence: Red Wine

Escape: Upstate NY

Beauty: Within

Style: Classic, Chic & Sparkly 

Heirloom: A set of measuring spoons from my Grandma 

Someday: Someday soon - to hug and miss my beautiful parents who I haven't seen in over a year! 

Follow Elisa on Instagram and visit Maman's website for mail order cookies, location finder, and more. Portrait courtesy @chillhouse.

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