Half Up Hair Styles: Medium Length Hair

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By Shelby Wild

Brigitte Bardot. Kate Middleton. Ariana Grande.

As disparate as they might seem, these three influential and chic women all have one thing in common—their iconic half-up hairstyles.

When you can’t choose between a pulled back ponytail or wearing your hair loose and down, a half-up style is the perfect compromise. You’ll look polished and put together, but not too stuffy. And pulling your hair into a half-up ponytail or bun is an ideal second-day hairstyle when you’re rocking slightly dirty locks—it hides roots at the crown of the head that might look a little greasy, but allows you to get a bit more mileage out of your blow dry (or air dry, low-key babes).

Depending on your hair type (and styling capabilities!) there are tons of options you can try out for a beautiful half-up hair style. But if you’re not so great at styling your own hair and still want to work that half-up hairstyle, try our go-to look: The Half Up Playa Bun.

This half-up style works best on short to medium-length hair is ideal for anyone who wants their hair to look like it took a while to put together but actually only took two minutes! It can also work on longer hair, but your half-bun might be slightly bigger … as long as you’re cool with that, go with it!

Here’s how to to get the half-up hairstyle in just a few minutes. Your easiest hair ever awaits!


How to Do an Easy Half-Up Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

1. Separate hair into two sections, starting just about the ear line.

Take the top section and spritz the roots of the crown section of hair with Pure Dry Shampoo. Massage dry shampoo into scalp to help it settle and soak up any excess oil. Brush through hair with fingers or a wide-toothed comb to smooth hair back.


Separate hair into two sections


2. Twist entire top section into a long spiral, smoothing the crown with fingers as you twist.

Use a few drops of Ritual Hair Oil between palms and work through hair from mid-shaft to ends. This will help hair look shiny and stay in place. If you need a little extra staying power, try using a few pumps of our Endless Summer Spray to give hair a little more grip.


Twist entire top section of hair into a long spiral


3. Place one finger to the left side of the twist, and spin hair around finger to make a bun.

Don’t worry if your bun isn’t a perfect “cinnamon bun” or if the ends are poking out a bit—it looks better a little undone!


Place a finger to the left side of the twist, and spin hair around finger to making a bun


4. Tuck ends under, and secure with a bobby pin.

If your hair is on the longer side, use a few hairpins or bobby pins all around the bun to secure your style.


Tuck ends under, securing with a bobby pin


5. Spritz with sea salt spray and tousle to loosen up the look.

Use a salt spray in lieu of hairspray for a light, but flexible hold. Use tips of the fingers to pull out and soften sections to finish the style.


Spritz with sea salt spray and tousle to loosen up


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